Sewing for Kindergarten: Aslan Dress

Hello again! I’m back with another outfit sewn for Mie’s fantastic series Sewing for Kindergarten. If you missed it, I shared the first outfit I made for her in this post.
Today I’m sharing the outfit she actually chose to wear on the first day of school, so we took these pictures that morning before the bus came. It was also before her nerves kicked in- she got pretty nervous as we waited for the bus (and I did too!) but she managed to make it to class and back home in one piece (phew!) and mostly enjoyed it🙂

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Sewing for Kindergarten: Checkered Ania Tunic

Well, it happened. My oldest has gone off to kindergarten, which means I’ve officially left the world of “stay at home mom with young kids and no schedule” and am venturing into “stay at home mom who is forced to have some sort of schedule” haha!
And since I’m sending a child off to kindergarten I was happy to be able to join in with Mie’s series Sewing for Kindergarten! I love sewing special outfits to commemorate important things for my kids. I decided to have a little fun with it and work with Charly to plan a capsule wardrobe. We took to Pinterest and started a board to pin things she loves. I had her tell me what she liked about each thing and it really helped me get a feel for what she likes, and it was super fun to hear her answers! You can see her board, with a quick note of what she liked about each thing, here.

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On motherhood and creativity

document your day 5

I’ll be honest, here. I’ve been struggling lately with feeling fulfilled. I’m fully aware of how cliche that sounds. But with a new baby and Matt working hard in the evenings on his ice cream business I feel like I’m in the trenches of motherhood at the moment, and sometimes it’s rough. I love my job. I love that I get to stay home and spend my days with these amazing little people, but sometimes I hate cleaning bodily fluids off the rugs and for-the-love will you just be quiet for a moment so I can scroll through instagram in peace while the baby sleeps?! You know? Continue reading

Lucy’s Nursery: Crib Sheets


I’m breaking two of my long ago pronounced rules of nursery decor. Back when I was pregnant with Charly and was sure I was going to be the hippest mom with the most beautiful nursery, I was adamantly against animal motifs and the classic pastel colored nurseries. That was “old school” to me- the teddy bears and elephants and pink and blue was NOT hip and NOT in. I decorated her nursery with Amy Butler prints that were certainly less theme-y than the nurseries I was used to seeing at the time. Remember now, 5 years ago none of us had heard of Pinterest, so trends spread much more slowly. I actually wrote a blog post about Pinterest when I first discovered it and I thought I was the bees knees when it exploded and everyone and their grandma had an account. I was a total Pinterest hipster. Continue reading

Lucy’s Blessing Dress


In my LONG blog absence I was busy busy laying on the couch in pregnancy exhaustion and then subsequently having a baby. Her name is Lucy and she is sweet as can be, and now two months old! I’m planning to share her birth story (like I did for Charly and Caroline) but today I’m jumping the gun and sharing the blessing dress I made for her special day last weekend (a baby blessing is something we do in the LDS church and is similar to a christening). I made dresses for both of my other girls (here and here) so while I’m still super duper in love with Caroline’s dress and contemplated using it again, it only seemed fair to make our little Lucy her own.

I decided to go a totally different direction with this one after doing some searching and pinning. I put together this board and realized I was digging a 60’s babydoll vibe.

The only problem was I couldn’t find a pattern that suited my vision. And true newborn patterns are hard to find- most start at 3 months- and I just couldn’t get past the idea of having it actually fit her tiny shoulders. So I drafted my own! It was great to jump back to drafting a bit as I haven’t done much since releasing the Blue Ridge Dress.

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